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DU-200 EVO 850 230V 50HZ Electric cutter
416,45  VAT not included
Ruby ruler stands
18,69  - 20,65  VAT not included
Rubimix-9 Supertorque Mixer
120,30  - 136,65  VAT not included
Scraper for joints RubíSCRAPER-250 230V-50Hz Rubí
103,43  VAT not included
Flange 3-12mm 0,5mm DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM (B-100)
6,10  VAT not included
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Power and manual tools for professionals or DIY lovers

In this online store you can buy everything from a good toolbox to a wrench or any other hand or power tool you need, thanks to our wide range of high-quality products at the best price.

Why buy in

Because we are dedicated to the sale and supply of tools and accessories for construction and DIY, both for companies and individuals from more than 40 years ago.

Our experience has been thousands of satisfied customers who trust our professionalism and quality of the products we sell.

What is the difference between DIY and professional tools?

Normally, DIY tools are used sporadically and for specific jobs or repairs, such as a drill, screwdriver...

However, professional tools have daily, repetitive and continuous use.

That is why normally lighter tools are used in DIY, with less weight and power to gain comfort, while professional tools must perform in situations and for much more demanding jobs, their use is more constant and specific to a certain profession, like tile cutters, diamond discs, paint mixers or mortar mixers...

What differentiates manual tools from power tools?

Our electric tools They need an electric current as a power source, which is provided by a cable or, thanks to a battery, that is, they are wireless.

While the manual tools, such as pliers, shovels, adjustable wrenches, impact wrenches, tube wrenches... they do the job for which they were created with the application of our own strength.

In our online store you can choose a wide variety of the two classes on offer and at a better price.

Looking for garden tools?

Our garden tools They have their own space.

They can be manual, like pruning shears or a rake, electric, like a hedge trimmer... or mechanical, like a lawnmower.

You can also find accessories such as hoses, furniture, garden chairs, kitchen utensils in this section.

Choose the model you need for your orchard, garden or terrace comfortably at the best price and we'll take it where you tell us.