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    Ruby ruler stands
    17,47  - 19,30  VAT not included
    Rubimix-9 Supertorque Mixer
    112,42  - 127,71  VAT not included
    DU-200 EVO 850 230V 50HZ Electric cutter
    389,21  VAT not included
    Flange 3-12mm 0,5mm DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM (B-200) 11,59  VAT not included
    RUBÍ TZ-850 manual ceramic and tile cutter
    550,07  VAT not included

    Everything for construction and DIY

    Grinders (138)

    Ceramic Electric Cutters (24)

    Manual Ceramic Cutters RUBÍ (64)

    Measurement and Leveling (174)

    Mortar Mixers (15)

    Mixing Rods (23)

    Manual tile cutter - tile cutter Slim Cutter Plus Rubí

    Manual cutter specially designed for large and fragile porcelain pieces at the same time

    Makes it easy to make the first cut before moving them!

    LARGE format porcelain

    Work perfectly with formats greater than 300 cm x 100 cm and with thicknesses from 3 to 10 mm.

    Aluminum guides.

    The guides are assembled between them to guarantee a perfect scratch.

    Cutting and grinding discs

    diamond cutting discs

    Diamond discs

    metal cutting discs

    Metal cutting discs

    grinding wheels and discs

    Roughing Discs and Wheels

    carbide discs

    Carbide Discs


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    And for your garden...

    white rounded stone to decorate
    flowerbeds, gardens, terraces, pots, planters...

    from 3,5 €

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    ceys logo is the showcase of a family business based in Seville and dedicated to the sale and supply of tools for construction and DIY for companies and individuals for more than 40 years.

    Our experience has been thousands of satisfied clients who trust our professionalism.

    Here you can safely buy and ask us any questions regarding machines and tools of any kind, both professional and for DIY projects.

    We will respond very quickly and if you buy, you will receive your order comfortably at home and on time.

    DIY tools

    We have selected a wide range of the best and most used accessories and tools, both for construction professionals and for those of us who are DIYers.

    At you can choose and buy the best selections of hand, power, measuring and leveling tools, garden tools and tools and of course, all the accessories you can imagine and need.

    We are authentic experienced professionals and specialists in the sale of machinery, tools and accessories.

    That is why we have chosen for you only the best brands on the market, such as Ruby, Hikoki, Einhell, Milwaukee, Cofan, CEYS…

    Tools for professionals

    For professionals in the construction or industrial sectors we have selected the necessary tools for plumbing, carpentry, construction, for electricians or for metals and wood. is the ideal place to find a better price.

    You can not miss our great catalog of professional tools special for each of the sectors of activity!

    Choose the best workshop tools and check their excellent quality at the best price.

    Buy tools online

    The online store is the ideal place to buy cheap or discount DIY tools from the most recognized brands.

    We offer you a wide range for both professionals and DIY that also adapt to all budgets.

    If you have any questions when choosing the right product for your construction or DIY project, get in touch with us directly, we are professionals with extensive experience and we can guide and help you.

    At we guarantee the quality of all our tools.

    Also, remember that shipping is FREE for all orders in Spain and Portugal – Peninsula- from €75.

    Take advantage of our offers and choose the ideal tool you need!

    Power tools to build, fix, create ...

    Building your home or work home has never been easier with our wide range of hand and power tools.

    We have everything you need, from electric tile cutters, mortar and paint mixers, drills, electric saws for wood and metal, sanders, grinders, vacuum cleaners, electric brushes, even shears, strippers, routers...

    Hand tools to repair or renovate without limits

    From bench vices, manual tile cutters, pliers, impact wrenches, socket wrenches... hammers, screwdrivers, files, shovels, axes, brushes, chisels, sergeants and chisels, cutters and knives, pliers, extractors, scissors, measuring elements and leveling… such as flanges, adhesive tapes, drill bits, cutting discs, diamond discs, mixing rods, paints and glazes, sandpaper… we have all the hand tools you need here.

    Garden tools to plant, prune, sow, water…

    Choose the gardening tool you need for agricultural work or taking care of your terrace or garden.

    Garden nets, sprayers, irrigation accessories, rakes, hoes, flower pots, artificial grass. pruning, hoses ... and everything you need to use in gardening.

    Place your order safely and comfortably and receive it wherever you want, at your business or at home in record time.