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Range of Milwaukee, Hikoki and Cofan grinders and mini-grinders, the most advanced on the market.

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AGV17-180XC-DMS Milwaukee Grinder

281,40  VAT not included

AG9-125XC Milwaukee Grinder

184,10  VAT not included

Grinder M18FHSAG150XPDB-0X Milwaukee

413,00  VAT not included

DGL30E Milwaukee Grinder

296,80  VAT not included

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DG7E Milwaukee grinder

431,90  VAT not included

DG30E Milwaukee grinder

254,80  VAT not included

DGL30E Milwaukee Grinder

296,80  VAT not included

DGL34 Milwaukee grinder

289,10  VAT not included

AG800-115E Milwaukee Grinder

67,90  VAT not included

AG800-125E Milwaukee Grinder

72,80  VAT not included

AG800-125EK Milwaukee Grinder

84,00  VAT not included

AG9-125XC Milwaukee Grinder

184,10  VAT not included

AG9-125XE Milwaukee Grinder

175,70  VAT not included

AG10-115EK Milwaukee Grinder

121,80  VAT not included

AG10-125EK Milwaukee Grinder

128,80  VAT not included

AGV12-125X Milwaukee Grinder

214,90  VAT not included

AGV12-125XDECSET Milwaukee Grinder

333,90  VAT not included

Grinder AGV12-125XDEGSET Milwaukee

409,50  VAT not included

AGV13-125XE Milwaukee Grinder

199,50  VAT not included

AG13-125XSPD Milwaukee Grinder

157,50  VAT not included

AG13-125XSPDE Milwaukee Grinder

171,50  VAT not included

AGV13-125XSPDEB Milwaukee Grinder

238,00  VAT not included

AGV15-125XE Milwaukee Grinder

222,60  VAT not included

AGV15-125XC Milwaukee Grinder

212,80  VAT not included

AGV15-125XDECSET Milwaukee Grinder

415,80  VAT not included

Grinder AGV15-125XCDEGSET Milwaukee

478,10  VAT not included

Grinder AGV15-125XEDEGSET Milwaukee

490,70  VAT not included

AGS15-125C Milwaukee Grinder

267,40  VAT not included

AGV17-125XC Milwaukee Grinder

308,00  VAT not included

AGV17-125XCDMS Milwaukee Grinder

304,50  VAT not included

AG17-125INOX Milwaukee grinder

241,50  VAT not included

AGV17-125XE Milwaukee Grinder

264,60  VAT not included

AGV17-125XEDMS Milwaukee Grinder

263,20  VAT not included

AGV15-150XC Grinder DMS Milwaukee

229,60  VAT not included

AGV15-150XC Milwaukee Grinder

229,60  VAT not included

AGV17-150XC-DMS Milwaukee Grinder

275,10  VAT not included

AGV17-180XC-DMS Milwaukee Grinder

281,40  VAT not included

AG22-180/DMS Milwaukee Grinder

152,60  VAT not included

AGV22-180E Grinder Milwaukee

168,70  VAT not included

AGV21-230GE Milwaukee Grinder

311,50  VAT not included

AGV21-230GEX Milwaukee Grinder

322,00  VAT not included

AGV21-230GEX/DMS Milwaukee Grinder

329,00  VAT not included

AGV22-230E Grinder Milwaukee

158,90  VAT not included

AGV22-230EDMS Milwaukee Grinder

168,70  VAT not included

What is a grinder?

Grinder M18FLAG230XPDB-0 Milwaukee

Grinders, radials, grinders, also called "rotaflex" are very powerful machines, electric or pneumatic, which, thanks to the fact that their motor rotates the shaft to which different cutting or grinding discs are attached, make clean cutting easy and comfortable. of different materials, polish or roughen the roughness of the piece

Grinder or radial?

There are many synonyms that apply to grinders, among others, radial, grinder, angle grinder, rotaflex, deburrer...

What uses does a grinder have?

The most common uses of a grinder are cutting metallic materials, stone, concrete, ceramics... metal polishing and polishing, removing machining burrs, roughing or finishing edges of parts, sharpening cutting tools, blades, drill bits. ..

How to choose a grinder?

To select the grinder that best suits your needs, you have to take into consideration 3 fundamental characteristics: size, power and price of the tool. The latter is the most personal since it depends on the budget that each one has. With regard to size, there are two measures to be considered depending on the dimensions and requirements of the materials to be treated. Thus, the smallest range between 115 and 125 millimeters while the largest vary between 180 and 230 millimeters. Of course, power is crucial since the higher it is, the more volume of work or polishing surface you can perform. This point also has to do with the surface you are going to work on, so in case of doubt it is better to consult an expert – we will be happy to advise you with your purchase.

What are the best grinder brands?

We put at your disposal and on offer, more than 20 models of grinders, also called radial or rotaflex, from the Milwaukee, Hikoki (formerly Hitachi) and Cofan brands, which offer a quality product at an unbeatable price. We also have an excellent online catalog of accessories so that you can get the most out of it and complete such laborious tasks in a practical, simple and effective way. You can now look for the best tool in our index, where we have grinders of different sizes, powers, with variable speed, without brushes, with stop switch, dust protector, progressive start, with electric brake, with suction head, with cable and even with lithium battery.

Electric and pneumatic grinders and mini-grinders

We put on sale the the best tools for grinding and cutting materials ceramics, iron, metal, stone, plate, tiles..

Buy grinder as a versatile tool

Work as a professional workshop or of a domestic nature in the world of DIY requires the electric tools necessary to carry them out and remember to use a Individual protection equipment.

Among the electrical tools that any self-respecting 'handyman' must have in his instrument box, the grinder is undoubtedly one of them.

It is intended for sanding, polishing, roughing, polishing and court.

It works through a cutting disc suitable for the work in question, which is placed on the head of the apparatus, and according to the material of which it is composed, can be exchanged and allows working on materials as diverse as marble or wood at high speed.

Buy a grinder online

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