Buying all the basic accessories used in construction and works is very easy here.

For bricklayers, tilers, tilers, and tile laying professionals.

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Plastic floor with sponge HIDRO PRO
4,53  VAT not included
Ruby ruler stands
18,69  - 20,65  VAT not included
SUPERPRO Ruby Sponge
1,42  VAT not included
SUPERPRO Rubí sponge float
6,10  VAT not included
0,98  VAT not included
Ergonomic seat for floor tiles SR-1 RUBÍ
145,66  VAT not included
STEEL notch 28 cm. (3 × 3) Ruby Open Rubiflex Handle
9,99  VAT not included
Spare rubber trowel gaskets PRO Rubí
2,87  VAT not included
Refill 3 scourers - STRONG Rubí
5,64  VAT not included
INOX spatula 40 mm. Ruby
4,51  VAT not included
HIDRO PLUS PRO plastic float with sponge
5,53  VAT not included
28 cm INOX comb. 15 × 15 mm. Ruby
12,07  VAT not included
Rectangular PERET float 22,5 × 12 cm Ruby
6,26  VAT not included
Triple Ruby Suction Cup
44,81  VAT not included
Ruby SCRAPER-250 blade for 4 mm Ruby joint
22,75  VAT not included
Rectangular float 34 × 23 cm. rough ruby ​​finish
5,69  VAT not included
Rectangular float 27 × 18 cm. rough ruby ​​finish
4,90  VAT not included
Blue powder for line marker 1 Kg. Ruby
10,32  VAT not included
Scraper for joints RubíSCRAPER-250 230V-50Hz Rubí
103,43  VAT not included
Rubí FLEX PFP23-185B Rubí bi-material handle trowel
12,61  VAT not included

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Adjustable Wrench Comfort Central Knurl 10 “ • Bazarot Tools
Adjustable Wrench Central Knurl Comfort 10 " 13,94  VAT not included
Blister 3 Units Hss-Cobalt Drill Bits Din388 1,5 Mm • Bazarot Tools
Blister 3 Pcs Hss-Cobalt Drill Bits Din388 1,5 Mm 4,14  VAT not included
Pack Of 2 Units Jute Sack 50×80 Cm • Bazarot Tools
Pack Of 2 Units Jute Sack 50×80 Cm 8,44  VAT not included
Set Of 2 Borosilicate Containers Model Agatha 620 Ml – 950ml • Bazarot Tools
Set Of 2 Borosilicate Containers Model Agatha 620 Ml – 950ml 4,90  VAT not included
AGV15-150XC Milwaukee grinder • Bazarot Tools
AGV15-150XC Milwaukee Grinder 229,60  VAT not included

Tools for the ideal execution of any work or construction.

Plumb bobs, rubber mallets, paddles, trowels, spatulas, scrapers, joint spacers, ruler stands...

To carry out and finish the work for all masons, tilers, tilers or formworkers, a suitable tool is fundamental to facilitate their work, a support for a ruler, spacers for joints, a trowel, trowel, sponge, spatula ...