Electric ceramic cutters, tiles, tiles ...
Tools of great power and precision for electric cutting of tiles, construction materials, marble, granite, tiles, porcelain stoneware, faced, refractory ...

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Laser & Level DV / DC / DS / DX Kit
17,16  VAT not included
DU-200 EVO 850 230V 50HZ Electric cutter
416,45  VAT not included
Ceramic electric cutter RUBÍ ND-200 230V-50Hz
277,76  VAT not included
MUELA 45X15 TURBO TWIST COARSE GRAIN Ruby 54,30  VAT not included
WHEELS R.5 FINE GRAIN Ruby 37,60  VAT not included
Ceramic fixing DV/DC/DS/DX Ruby 57,63  VAT not included
RUBY PRO-EDGER 259,53  VAT not included
Rubí ND-180 Rubí 230V-50Hz electric cutter
112,30  VAT not included
Plug cable 230V-50Hz EUR
19,37  VAT not included
Side stop 50 cm. Ruby DW-NL / DC / DS / DX
21,56  VAT not included
RUBÍ DR-350 230V-50Hz Electric cutter
831,58  VAT not included
RUBÍ DC-250 1200 230V-50Hz Electric cutter
981,16  VAT not included
Adjustable longitudinal stop Rubí DC / DS / DX
41,00  VAT not included
Rubí ND-180 230V-50Hz electric ceramic cutter with case
163,64  VAT not included
Ceramic electric cutter RUBÍ DU-200 EVO 650 230V 50Hz
306,34  VAT not included
GRINDING WHEELS 45X20 SMOOTH FINE GRAIN Ruby 62,66  VAT not included
Plug cable 380V-50Hz EUR Ruby 19,37  VAT not included
Plate set ø130 mm DV/DC/DX-250 Ruby 38,04  VAT not included
Electric slicer DR-350 380V-50Hz 3F Ruby 831,58  VAT not included
Ruby DV/DC table supplement 68,66  VAT not included

Electric Cutters and Miter Saws

The electric ceramic cutters that we have chosen are from the brand RUBY, no. 1 in the world for this type of work and absolute leaders in the manufacture of electric cutting machines for ceramic materials, porcelain stoneware and tiles.

An electric tile cutter is the tool essential for construction professionals, masons ..

It is an ideal instrument for the precise and comfortable cutting of materials and tiles of large format and hardness.