Cutting and grinding discs from the best brands.
Diamond discs, for metal, ceramic… to cut with grinders, electric mowers, radial, rotaflex, drills, saws...

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Flexible diamond polishing discs Ø100 mm Grit # 3000 to # 50 5,96  VAT not included
Diamond cutting disc general work SEGMENTED Ruby SHR-250 to 350 PRO 47,70  - 115,14  VAT not included
TPI 200 MM SUPER PRO Miter Cut Diamond Blade 39,00  VAT not included
VDG 100MM PRO Ruby rough roughing diamond blade 6,82  VAT not included
TURBO VIPER TVA-115 to 230 SUPERPRO hard material diamond cutting disc 20,83  - 45,26  VAT not included
Cutting Disc – 125x10x2223 Stainless Steel. Professional 1,39  VAT not included
Cutting Disc – 125×1,6×22,23 Inox Profes. 1,51  VAT not included
Support for flexible disc Ruby Ø100mm M14 8,61  VAT not included
J-SLOT CPJ-115 to 125 SUPERPRO porcelain stoneware diamond blade 22,91  - 27,46  VAT not included
Flexible diamond disc for polishing Ruby Ø100 mm BUFF Bl. 5,96  VAT not included
TVR 125 mm SUPER PRO diamond blade 21,38  VAT not included
Porcelain stoneware diamond blade J-SLOT CPX-200 PRO 36,98  VAT not included
CONTINUOUS porcelain stoneware diamond blade CPC-180 to 350 PRO 32,20  - 85,57  VAT not included
Ruby Cleaner Block 6,23  VAT not included
Ruby VDF 100 MM PRO fine roughing diamond blade 7,31  VAT not included
CONTINUOUS porcelain stoneware diamond blade CPR-115-125 SUPERPRO 16,23  - 18,94  VAT not included
Porcelain stoneware diamond blade J-SLOT CPX-300 PRO 74,89  VAT not included
Diamond blade for porcelain TURBO Rubí TCR-115 to 230 SUPERPRO 20,86  - 45,33  VAT not included
Diamond cutting disc SPT 250-350 mm PREMIUM 164,42  - 282,88  VAT not included
Concrete grinding wheel FAN CUP Ø125 Ruby 42,03  VAT not included

Buy cutting and grinding discs

These cutting discs are from the best brands such as RUBY, and of great hardness and durability in any diameter.

What is a cutting disc?

It is a circular piece of different diameters and manufactured with abrasive materials so that, turning at high revolutions by the tool where it is attached (grinder, rotaflex, drill, grinder...) it manages to cut the surface where it is applied.

What is a diamond blade?

If we talk about tools, a diamond disc is nothing more than a type of cutting disc in which the abrasive material used is diamond particles.

What advantages do diamond blades have?

This type of cutting or grinding discs have a longer useful life and cutting capacity due to the extreme hardness of the diamond, which is the material they are made of.

What is the best ceramic cutting disc?

If you want to know which blade is best suited for cutting ceramics, here you have a post from one of the best manufacturers of diamond blades for cutting, Rubí.

In that article he explains perfectly what are diamond blades, types of cutting blades and which one is the best.

Discs for Cutting or Grinding

If you want to cut, polish or grind any surface with grinder, rotaflex or grinder choose and buy online the right cutting disc at the best price.

Precautions and tips for using diamond, cutting or roughing discs properly.