DIY and construction power tools.

Tile cutters, drills, grinders, sanders, power saws, vacuum cleaners, mortar and paint mixers...

Best Seller in Power Tools

M18CCS55-0 Milwaukee circular saw

375,90  VAT not included

CS60 Milwaukee Circular Saw

323,40  VAT not included

AGVM24-230GEX Milwaukee Grinder

316,40  VAT not included

Grinder M18FHSAG150XPDB-0X Milwaukee

413,00  VAT not included

AGV12-125X Milwaukee Grinder

214,90  VAT not included

Ceramic Electric Cutters (37)

Mortar Mixers (14)

Drills (162)

Screwdrivers (35)

Electric Saws (82)

Grinders (138)

Vacuum Cleaners (4)

Buy all kinds of electrical machines that you need for your DIY work.

If you are a construction professional or a lover of DIY, you will find the power tools of the best brands at an incredible price for your work.

What are power tools?

It is any tool that needs an electrical power source for its operation, either through a cable or by a battery that accumulates electricity. They become machines when you add a hydraulic, pneumatic, electric motor... which is what generates the electricity needed to make them work.

What power tools are used most?

The most used power tools both in the professional field and by DIY lovers are: The drill, saws or cutters, grinders, screwdrivers and sanders.

What advantages do power tools have?

With an electric tool we obtain more power to carry out the work, we gain time and speed in its execution, especially if it is about repetitive tasks. In exchange for these advantages, they are usually heavier and more uncomfortable to use in small spaces.