Buy hand tools.

Tools handheld for construction, DIY and repair work.

Manual Ceramic Cutters RUBÍ (73)

Pliers (100)

Hammers (97)

keys (234)

Screwdrivers (205)

Files and Rasps (112)

Shovels Construction (12)

Cutting tools (91)

Mechanics and Welders (67)

Plumbing Tools (117)

Measurement and Leveling (221)

What are hand tools?

Also called hand tools, they are all the tools that are used to carry out a task in a more comfortable and efficient way, using only our own energy or body strength for its operation.

What hand tools are used the most?

The most used hand tools, whether by professionals or by DIY lovers, are the screwdriver, the wrench, the hammer, the pliers, the pliers, the saw and the level.

What are the advantages of hand tools?

The main advantage of manual tools is the ease, immediacy and simplicity of their use, as well as the fact that they can be used in places that are small or difficult to access.

All kinds of screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches of all kinds, pliers, pincers, axes, brushes, files, rasps. cutters, cutters ...

Hand tools are basic.

Because they are necessary for the correct and comfortable execution of any DIY work or for the construction professional.

The hand tools that we put at your disposal are the perfect complement to start any DIY or repair job.