Percussion drills, electric hammers and screwdrivers of different power and performance, with and without battery, suitable for each use.

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DD3-152K Milwaukee diamond core drill 1.232,70  VAT not included
MDE42 Milwaukee Magnetic Drill 1.803,20  VAT not included
MDE41 Milwaukee Magnetic Drill 1.246,00  VAT not included
MDP41 Milwaukee Magnetic Drill 1.557,50  VAT not included
DE10RX Milwaukee Rotary Drill 144,90  VAT not included
DE13RP Milwaukee Rotary Drill 196,70  VAT not included
HD2E13R Milwaukee Rotary Drill 256,90  VAT not included
HDE13RQX Milwaukee Rotary Drill 305,20  VAT not included
HDE13RQD Milwaukee Rotary Drill 378,70  VAT not included
Rotary Drill B2E16RLD Milwaukee 491,40  VAT not included
PD705 Milwaukee hammer drill 121,10  VAT not included
PDE13RX Milwaukee hammer drill 155,40  VAT not included
PDE16RP Milwaukee hammer drill 184,80  VAT not included
PD2E22R Milwaukee hammer drill 225,40  VAT not included
PD2E24R Milwaukee hammer drill 249,20  VAT not included
PD2E24RS Milwaukee hammer drill 278,60  VAT not included
SB2-35B Milwaukee hammer drill 485,80  VAT not included
Rotary Hammer PLH20E Milwaukee 268,10  VAT not included
Rotary Hammer PFH26T Milwaukee 170,80  VAT not included
PH26T Milwaukee Combination Hammer 270,90  VAT not included

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Milwaukee M12FQID-202X impact driver • Bazarot Tools
M12FQID-202X Milwaukee Impact Driver 378,00  VAT not included
Milwaukee M12FQID-0 impact driver • Bazarot Tools
M12FQID-0 Milwaukee Impact Driver 224,00  VAT not included
DWSE4000Q Milwaukee Screwdriver • Bazarot Tools
DWSE4000Q Milwaukee Screwdriver 186,20  VAT not included
Milwaukee M12BID-202C impact driver • Bazarot Tools
M12BID-202C Milwaukee Impact Driver 270,90  VAT not included
Milwaukee M18CBLID-0 Impact Driver • Bazarot Tools
Impact Driver M18CBLID-0 Milwaukee 248,50  VAT not included

Buy electric drill online

One of them electric tools That cannot be missing in a home, and much less in the box of a DIY professional, is the electric drill.

The belief is that this device is only used for drilling, that is, to create holes in certain surfaces, but in reality it can offer other functions that make it a multipurpose piece.

To get all that performance out of it, all you have to do is add a few accessories, such as a brush or a disco, and in addition to drilling you can screw, sand or rough.

How to choose an electric drill?

As always happens when we think about acquiring a piece of this caliber, it is convenient to analyze the needs we want to cover.

Knowing the characteristics on which we have to base our decision will help the purchase in, in addition to being economical, satisfying our expectations and serving the tasks that we are going to develop.

To find the part you have in mind you need to stop at the main function that it is going to develop and for which you need this device.

Thus, to the traditional instruments it is necessary to add angles, strikers or picks.

We also have combined electric drills, which, unlike other models, have a hammer function and are capable of performing tasks on surfaces that others cannot.

What are the best brands of electric drills?

Of the many companies that manufacture diy tools there are only a few that stand out for their versatility, quality and guarantee, such as Hikoki or Milwaukee.

We put at your disposal a wide variety of drill models and prices, so that you can find the one that suits your economic capacity.

We have more than 30 different electric drills that you can buy and complement with those parts that best suit you.

In our online catalog you will find models whose features are at the forefront in the market and with rechargeable batteries so that you can say goodbye to the uncomfortable cable that hinders the development of the activity.

Buy an electric drill online

Our commitment is to offer you quality and a good price in record time.

That is why we try to deliver your order to the address you provide us in less than 48 hours - as long as the stock allows it -.

Otherwise we will do our best to ensure that delivery is not delayed for more than 5 days.

For orders over €75, delivery in Spain and Portugal (Peninsula) is free.